William Elmer Harmon (1862-1928) was the founder of the Harmon Foundation. Because of his commitment to
philanthropy and his frequently expressed desire that "he wanted his money to do good constructively", the
Harmon Foundation established the Harmon Foundation Scholarship Awards for Boy Scouts who attained the rank of
Eagle Scout.

The first awards of Harmon Foundation Scholarships have been authorized by the Executive Board for
presentation in connection with the Anniversary Week Program, at Courts of Honor or other public functions.

Under the provisions of the Harmon Foundation Scholarship agreement, 52 scholarships
of $ 100 each are to be given annually to the Eagle Scouts of the country, whose
applications therefore filed by their Scout officials, show:

First, that the scout has actually put into practice in his daily life the ideals and principles
of the Scout Oath and Law, the Motto "Be Prepared" and the "Daily Good Turn."

Second, that he has maintained an active service relationship to Scouting of at least one

Third, that he has made an effort to develop and demonstrate leadership ability.

Fourth, that he has given conspicuous and unselfish service of some constructive
nature, denoting character, perseverance or self-sacrifice, the objective being to
determine in each Region, each year, the four Eagle Scouts who are deserving of this

- Eagle Scout Scholarships
Harmon Foundation -1927

     The Harmon Foundation Awards were given to 52 deserving Eagle Scouts each year from 1927 to 1931- Four
Scouts from each of the 12 Regions and four more from Region 13 were chosen. Each recipient received a Harmon
Pin, a Certificate, $ 100 upon matriculation to a college of the scout's choice, and a book (only done in 1927) listing the
52 recipients each year.

     There were 260 Hannon Pins and Certificates awarded in the 5 years the scholarships existed. There were 52
books presented in 1927, plus several others were used for promotion in the Scouting program. No more books
were published in the following years. The scholarship program was discontinued after 1931's presentations.